Tone Studio

was founded in 1976 by Thanasis Arvanitis. For more than 30 years Tone Studio was synonymous with post production sound processing and mixing for films in Greece.

Some of the most significant Greek films of the last three decades have and continue to be completed and processed at Tone Studio. Having an active profile in sound mixing and processing for films spanning over three decades, Tone Studio has been run and managed by Kostas Fylaktidis since June 2010.

In addition to its existing high standards of technical infrastructure and acoustic treatment, Tone Studio has an upgraded Pro Tools HD system and an array of digital peripherals.Providing a 5.1 Dolby Digital Approved Mixing & Mastering Stage and a dedicated Foley & ADR Recording Studio.

Tone Studio offers services including :

5.1 Dolby Digital Mix



Audio Editing & Recording

Sound Design Dubbing

Audio Restoration from16 mm and 35 mm Magnetic & Optical Film

Dolby Stereo

Optical Recording